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Lestoil is an old school cleaning product. It can be a challenge to find in your local food library, but it is definitely available through Lab Minions!

NOTE: Be very careful with delicate items, you do not want it to change the color of the fabric, this is unlikely (We have never had it happen) but plausible. After cleaning with Lestoil we would avoid putting the clothes in the dryer (to avoid setting the stain) and you can reapply if the first round doesn’t get the stain out.  We  have removed red wine stains from white upholstery, blood stains from clothing, as well as mustard and grease stains from everything. It can also be used to clean around the house.

METHOD: The best method is to pour a cap full onto the stain and using a stiff bristle brush work it into the affected area. Adding more if needed, until the entire stained area is well soaked. Let is sit for a 5 minutes and then wash in the hottest water appropriate for the fabric (either in your washing machine, or by hand). I have used it successfully on linen, cotton, and synthetics to name a few.  Be very careful with the water temperature, the heat is important but you don’t want to shrink your clothes. You can also dilute it in a bucket/tub of water and manually scrub the clothes, and then follow up by washing normally with detergent. It has a pretty strong petroleum smell, but that will go away after washing in your usual detergent. The bottom line is that if you are unsure about the durability of the fabric just try it with cold water, it will probably work, just not as well.  For upholstery, or items that can’t go into a washing machine, you will add a very small amount to the stain, and rub/brush it in, then very carefully rinse with warm water. It might take a few attempts, but be patient and you will get the stain out. We use a plastic bristle brush, and paper towels that I dampen as we go.

OPINION: It is the best solution (literally) for every stain, especially wine/blood/grease/oil/tar.

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